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Atlanta Disorderly Conduct

City of Atlanta Disorderly Conduct? (Atlanta Municipal Code § 106-81)

Have you been charged with a City of Atlanta Disorderly Conduct charge? Are you aware that this charge can be treated as a physical crime or a violent physical crimes?

There are multiple ways that you can be charged with Disorderly Conduct. Every city, including Atlanta, has their own version of the Georgia State statute of Disorderly Conduct. It is important to hire a attorney that knows how to prevent this charge from affecting YOUR future. An experienced attorney knows how to properly navigate the situation and circumstances which can assist you in either assisting you in negotiating with the prosecutor in dismissing YOUR charges or getting the Disorderly Conduct charge reduced.

You need the help of an experienced and trained criminal defense law firm to help you with YOUR charges. Many people don't realize that a criminal charge can affect the rest of their life. A conviction will now be a part of YOUR criminal history and can be seen when you try to rent a house, apply for a loan of any type, get a promotion at work, or try to obtain new employment. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you control how this charge is treated both in court and how it will affect your future.

There are multiple ways that the solicitor (or prosecutor) can charge someone with Atlanta Disorderly Conduct.

Under city ordinance the charge can result in 6 months in Jail OR a $1,000 fine.

The City of Atlanta defines and evaluates a Atlanta Disorderly Conduct (Atlanta Municipal Code § 106-81) as follows:

It shall be unlawful for any person within the corporate limits of the city to engage in any conduct described in the following subsections; provided, however, that no person shall be convicted of any of the following sections upon a showing that the predominant intent of such conduct was to exercise a constitutional right to:

(1)  Act in a violent or tumultuous manner toward another whereby any person is placed in fear of the safety of such person's life, limb or health;

(2)  Act in a violent or tumultuous manner toward another whereby the property of any person is placed in danger of being damaged or destroyed;

(3)  Cause, provoke or engage in any fight, brawl or riotous conduct so as to endanger the life, limb, health or property of another;

(4)  Assemble or congregate with another or others for the purpose of, or with the intent to, engage in gaming;

(5)  Be in or about any place, alone or with another or others, with the purpose of or intent to engage in any fraudulent scheme, trick or device to obtain any money or valuable thing; or to aid or abet any person or persons in doing so;

(6)  Direct fighting words toward another, that is, words which by their very nature tend to incite an immediate breach of the peace;

(7)  Interfere, by acts of physical obstruction, another's pursuit of a lawful occupation;

(8)  Congregate with another or others in or on any public way so as to halt the flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic, and to fail to clear that public way after being ordered to do so by a city police officer or other lawful authority;

(9)  Stand or remain in or about any street, sidewalk, overpass or public way so as to impede the flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic, and to fail to clear such street, sidewalk, overpass or public way after being ordered to do so by a police officer or other lawful authority;

(10)  Disrupt by actions which tend to incite a breach of the peace the undisturbed activities of any house of worship, hospital, surgi-center, or home for the elderly; or

(11)  Throw bottles, paper, cans, glass, sticks, stones, missiles or any other debris on public property.

(12)  Accost or force oneself upon the company of another;

(a)  Definitions. The following words, terms and phrases, when used in this section, shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this subsection, except where the context clearly indicates a different meaning:

Accosting means approaching or speaking to someone in such a manner as would cause a reasonable person to fear imminent bodily harm or the commission of a criminal act upon his/her person, or upon property in his/her immediate possession.

Forcing oneself upon the company of another means continuing to request or solicit any item of value or an individual's company from a person after that person has made a negative response, blocking the passage of the individual addressed or otherwise engaging in conduct which could reasonably be construed as intended to compel or force a person to accede to demands.

(13)  Carry any item with the intention either to threaten, intimidate or provoke the apprehension of violence, or with the disregard for the rights and safety of others. Nothing in this subsection shall be interpreted to prohibit the carrying of a firearm or weapon as described in O.C.G.A. § 16-11-173.

Under this code section Disorderly Conduct is a misdemeanor. This means, generally that this charge cannot carry more than 6 months to 1 year in jail and/or a fine of up to $1,000.00. The overall toll, or effect, that it carries involves more than just misdemeanor consequences however.


You need the help of an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney to help you with YOUR charges. Many people don't realize that These charges, which are considered a physical crime or violent physical crime, can affect the rest of their life. It would now be a part of your criminal history when you apply to rent a home, get a home loan, and even promotions at your job OR even getting a new job, not to mention applying to colleges. This charge can follow you for the rest of your life and cause issues every time it “pops up.” An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you fight and control how this charge affects you in court and your future. As former prosecutors, our lawyers know and understand that the prosecution, or in almost every case - team of prosecutors, are highly skilled and trained to obtain and try to get a conviction on your case. That means it's time to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney that knows how to evaluate both sides of the case.  Our team of Lawyers are former prosecutors and know how to mount a proper defense for YOUR charges.

Being charged with Disorderly Conduct OR any criminal offense does not mean that you have to accept guilt, it means that you need help from a experienced attorney to mount a proper defense.

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