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DUI Blood testing

by | Feb 9, 2016 | Firm News |

DUI Blood testing can be unreliable due to many factors including machine inaccuracies and human error.

Many people, including some DUI defense attorneys, mistakenly believe that blood tests are the gold standard when it comes to determining Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC). However, the State of Georgia wants its blood testing cheap and easy—and that means unreliable.

Sometimes Faulty
Believe it or not, the blood testing machine at the GBI uses the same faulty science that breath testing machines use. The blood testing machine doesn’t test your actual blood for alcohol, but rather the air above your blood in the test tube. This technique does not produce consistently valid results.

Definitely Flawed
There are other aspects of the test which leave it wide open to machine and human errors: The mass spectrometer tests 33 test tubes in a row, using the same needle to test each sample. In other words, your blood does not get its own clean needle. Does that sound scientific to you?

Human Error
All too frequently, technicians make mistakes. For instance, if a technician disinfects your skin with alcohol before drawing blood, this may cause a false positive. Samples may also be mislabeled when a weary lab technician moves them from one machine to another for a second test.

Some blood samples contain preservatives. If these samples aren’t thoroughly mixed they begin to decompose and turn into alcohol. In addition, in a blood sample containing no alcohol, the decomposition process can cause a BAC reading of 0.25 (more than 3 times the legal limit) or higher.

More Info
Clearly, there are many ways a blood test can be contaminated, poorly-performed, or otherwise rendered invalid in court. If you have concerns about your blood alcohol test results, contact us now for your FREE consultation!