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Field Sobriety Tests – How This Applies to Us

by | Mar 5, 2016 | Firm News |

Field Sobriety Tests can be problematic and difficult for officers to administer properly. On many of these tests you get 1 clue no matter how many times you perform imperfectly. For example, someone on the Walk and Turn may step off the line 9 times and get only one clue whereas someone else only steps off the line once and also gets one clue.

With our first subject he makes 9 bad steps and 9 good steps, and gets one clue. With our 2nd example our subject makes 1 bad step and 17 good steps, but he gets the same score as someone who took 9 bad steps. Do you begin to see how these tests are designed to fail? The tests and the scoring are simply unfair.

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