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Glynn County “DUI Specialist” officer arrested for DUI

by | Mar 7, 2019 | Firm News |

Sometimes officers are on the other end of a DUI.

On Monday March 4, 2019 Glynn County Police Officer Kevin Yarborough was arrested for Driving Under the Influence according to the Brunswick News. Officer Yarborough was one of the States leading authorities on DUI for a specialized division of the Glynn County Police Department and was stationed out of the Brunswick area. Officer Yarborough was a member of the Highway Enforcement of Aggressive Traffic Team (HEAT) which is a specialized division of DUI enforcement. This special team receives a grant from the Georgia Office of the Governor.

There are several levels of knowledge when it comes to training for DUI enforcement. The initial training involves Standardized Field Sobriety testing. The officers then work their way through Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (or ARIDE) and the last portion of the training is called Drug Recognition Expert (DRE). Yarborough had completed all the training offered up to and including the DRE portion.


The answer depends on several factors. One of which is if the State plans on calling in an expert witness to testify as to the level of intoxication that they are claiming on your case. It can also depend on if you were arrested for a DUI in Brunswick, St. Simons, Jekyll Island, Sea Island, Camden County or Glynn County OR even if Trooper Yarborough was involved in your arrest.

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