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Medical Marijuana and the Next Step

by | Mar 5, 2019 | Firm News |

Medical Marijuana and Georgia

On March 5, 2019 the Georgia House passed House Bill number 324 which allows medical dispensaries to set up shop in Georgia for the production of THC oils. The Atlanta Journal and Constitution ran a short description of the outcome as they covered it from the press room with various other news agencies (such as WSB) regarding the bill passage.

This bill would allow certain patients to legally purchase the oils that are made from the Marijuana plant. Prior to the passage of this bill Georgia allowed patients with certain complications or illnesses to use marijuana medical oil but it remained against the law to grow, buy, sell or transport the drug (which prevented anyone from really owning it without violating the law).

If the medical marijuana dispensary bill makes it past the Georgia Senate, Georgia would join the current 31 other states that allow for Marijuana cultivation according to the Joint Commission on LOW THC Medical Oil Access. This Joint commission for Low THC Access (created on House Bill 65) was involved in studying the benefits of allowing the access to Medical Marijuana oil. The Low THC oil (which is defined by our legislature under O.C.G.A. 16-12-190) would be cultivated or harvested from the plant cannibus or hemp (marijuana). The next phase for this bill will be to move to the Georgia Senate. The effect of the bill would allow the Georgia Department of Public Health to determine and establish the proper dispensaries as they currently maintain the Low THC oil registry as well.

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