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The House and Senate pass bills in reaction to Georgia Supreme Court DUI Ruling

by | Mar 6, 2019 | Firm News |

Time to watch the Georgia House as it just passed House Bill 471 and the Georgia Senate passed Bill 208.

After the recent decision by the Supreme Court of Georgia, the Georgia legislature had an immediate knee jerk reaction to attempt to fix Georgia DUI issues and Implied Consent.

As covered by the Atlanta Journal and Constitution, the house passed bill 471 and the senate passed bill 208. However, both bills seemed to have missed the mark with what the Supreme Court of Georgia said was wrong with the implied consent statute and DUI arrests in Georgia. As commented by Senator Bill Cowsert “I would hate for us to replace an unconstitutional law with another unconstitutional law.” It seems rather on point since the law doesn’t really address the issues the Supreme Court of Georgia found in the Driving Under the Influence case of Elliott v. State.

As we discussed in our previous blog- the landmark case focused on why Georgia courts could not longer use DUI refusal against you.”

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