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Weapons, concealed carry and gun rights on School Campus

by | Mar 8, 2019 | Firm News |

On March 6, 2019 a former UGA player Malkom Parrish allegedly violated a law to protect other people on school campus and reckless conduct at the University of Georgia in Athens-Clarke County according to and WSB and Fox5.

The Georgia legislature passed a firearm and safety act which applies to school campuses under O.C.G.A. 16-11-127 AND 16-11-127.1. This codified portion of the Georgia Code gives information about carrying weapons within school safety zones, at school functions or on school property.

With everything that has appeared on the news and in the other media its important to know when and where you can carry any weapon, especially a firearm, for your safety and legal rights. Many people don’t realize that the ability to carry a weapon, especially firearms, isn’t guaranteed everywhere that you go. If you do decide to carry your firearm or other weapons, know where you are allowed to carry and potentially when you would be breaking the law. For this individual, he was charged just for having his weapon with him while he was on campus at the University of Georgia inside the Ramsey athletic center.

Similar to many laws of our state there are exceptions and details which may help when it comes time to litigate his case once the prosecutors office calls him into court in Athens-Clarke county court. Relying on the second amendment and rights under federal law won’t be the ultimate defense. Keep in mind that where the state makes laws on point, as in the code section mentioned earlier, it will override the constitutional rights. That’s when it is time to evaluate the exceptions to the state rule and see if there are alternative methods for relief from the charges of the prosecutor. There are two ways that you can be charged for carrying on campus, one is a misdemeanor and the other is a felony. For instance, if you do not have a carry permit for the weapon that you have, the charges are a felony. As a result of the arrest he was also charged with Reckless conduct as well.

Have you been arrested for carrying weapons within school safety zones, at school functions or on school property or reckless conduct?

Every Weapons Carry case is different because no two sets of facts are the same. Proper application of not just the law but also case law to your situation would take examination of the facts surrounding your case and creating a properly mounted defense for YOUR arrest.

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