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How a Superbowl party can and end up with unplanned DUI results

by | Feb 3, 2020 | Firm News |

The superbowl now comes with not just an after party but an “after day.” Regardless of who is rooted for, generally many people take off the day following the superbowl to recover from the party the night before. These parties usually involve tailgating, grilling and various drinks with good friends. Of course, these parties can also involve the entire weekend of the superbowl and not just the day or day after. .
Some people however end up remembering more than just a good party with great food and fantastic drinks. With everything that goes on for superbowl parties, some people either lose track or don’t keep count of their alcohol intake. With police being more aggressive for DUI arrests, it means that more people are finding themselves the subject of a unplanned rendezvous with the police.
There are a great number of approved tactics for the police to use to stop cars and check for a DUI. From “watching” drivers, to speeding citations and of course the most popular which is the “DUI Checkpoint.” These checkpoints however are not actually to check for a DUI. Most frequently these stops are disguised as valid license checkpoints or looking for a escaped person. The most popular time for law enforcement to use these types of stops is over holiday and or holiday weekends. The superbowl, however, is no exception to the use of a Sobriety Checkpoints.
Almost all areas of the police use these DUI checkpoints. The scenario is usually you are driving around and see blue lights ahead. Except in stead of one officer stopping another driver ahead, you see what looks like a parking lot up ahead with multiple drivers stopped and an additional team of police officers directing traffic ahead. You have not come upon a DUI Checkpoint.