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Even officers can face a DUI arrest

by | Dec 5, 2020 | Firm News |

After a stop by a Peachtree City Police officer, the Chief of Police for the Georgia State University Police Department, Joe Spillane, found himself being arrested for DUI (according to Fox 5 News, AJC, 11 Alive News channels). The officer stated that he stopped Spillane for Failure to Maintain Lane, one of several approved tactics for the police to use to stop cars and check for a DUI.

All police use some of the various available charges to stop a vehicle, and Failure to Maintain lane is just one that typically leads to a DUI investigation. The scenario is usually you are driving see blue lights and the officer details out the reason for stopping you, or pulling you over, is that he “saw your wheels cross over the line of your lane.” This charge of Failure to Maintain Lane is found in a high percentage of the stops for DUI arrests in Georgia.

After the stop, Spillane begged the officer not to do field sobriety and insisted he was not intoxicated. This is another “clue” that officers use to try and show someone is driving under the influence. The insistence that you are not intoxicated when the officer smells alcohol creates a problem with the story you attempt to give the officer. Once which needs to be in line with the evidence the officer is collecting. In other words if the officer smells alcohol you can’t state you have not been drinking, it simply wont make sense. Of course, along that line the ability to remember the actual number of drinks you have is another key to an officers investigation that they absolutely make a note of for use against you later.