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What not to say when questioned by police

by | Jun 17, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

If you’re stopped by the police, it’s important that you don’t say or do anything that might implicate you in a crime. Some people do, because they say too much, end up talking themselves into a conviction or making it much harder for them to defend themselves. Remember, what you do or say can be used against you in a criminal case.

If you’re stopped by the police, there are a few things that you should not say. Here’s what you should keep in mind as you deal with this legal issue.

  1. “I know why you stopped me”

One of the first things you should avoid saying is that you know why the police stopped you. If you know why, then that implies that you know you did something wrong. Don’t give the police any idea that you may know why you were stopped. Let them do the talking.

  1. “Here’s what I was doing before you stopped me…”

The next thing to avoid is talking about what you were doing prior to the stop. The police may ask what you’ve been doing today or where you are coming from, but that’s really none of their business. You can politely tell them that you don’t want to talk about your day. Avoid this discussion completely, because telling them anything about your day could backfire later on. Don’t lie, but don’t give away additional information.

  1. Anything once you invoke the Fifth Amendment

You have the right to remain silent, which is provided by the Fifth Amendment. The only issue with this is that it only protects you if you stay quiet. Don’t say anything once you state that you’re invoking your Fifth Amendment rights. Staying quiet is the only real way to protect yourself.

These are three things not to say when you’re being questioned by the police. You need to know your legal rights and understand when you should or should not speak with the police. Whether it’s a traffic stop or random stop while you’re out for a walk, you don’t need to talk to the police about your life, what you’re doing or where you’re going.