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You’re arrested for drunk driving. Should you notify your boss?

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

Being charged with any criminal offense in Georgia is serious. Being charged with DUI can be especially detrimental to your career and professional reputation. Your supervisor and colleagues may assume that you are negligent, reckless, an alcoholic, immature or all of the above, even if those things are not true.

Those characteristics are the exact opposite of what most employers value in someone who works for them and represents their organization. The damage to your character, at least in the eyes and estimation of others, may be challenging to repair.

You will certainly have a lot to think about if you are charged with DUI, such as obtaining legal representation and deciding how your defense will be presented. Another important issue may arise as well. Do you need to make your boss aware of what happened?

The answer depends on a few key factors

What you have to disclose to your supervisor may be determined by your company’s guidelines and protocols regarding an employee’s arrest. The type of business or industry you work in matters too.

You may want to start by consulting your employee contract and handbook on whether an arrest needs to be declared to your company’s management. If you are licensed for your profession, the terms of that license may also mandate disclosure of criminal charges. And of course, if you have to drive for your job, you must make a disclosure of a drunk driving arrest.

It’s important to seek legal guidance to protect your rights and work to mitigate the impact of the charge on your career.