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When can the police arrest you for a prescription drug?

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

Most of the people arrested for drug use or possession in Georgia will get caught with prohibited or banned drugs like methamphetamine or marijuana. However, plenty of people accused of a drug offense get caught with a prescription drug. 

Just because a doctor can legally prescribe a drug does not mean that you can legally possess it or use it however you want. When might prescription drugs lead to criminal charges for someone in Georgia?

When you drive after taking a medication

Drugged driving can be as dangerous as drunk driving, as many prescription medications affect your cognitive ability. If a police officer pulls you over after you have taken prescription drugs, they might arrest you for impaired driving despite your valid prescription.

When you have someone else’s medication

You can legally go pick up someone else’s prescription from the pharmacy, but that is about all you can do for someone else when it comes to their medication. 

You cannot store someone else’s prescription or consume their medicine even with their permission. If you get caught in possession of someone else’s medication, the police may very well arrest in charge you just for having the drug even if you haven’t taken any of it.

When the way you use the drug seems like abuse

Do you take far more than the recommended dosage of a prescribed drug? Do you combine it with other substances or take it in a different way than how the doctor recommended you take it, such as inhaling it rather than consuming it orally? If you get caught intentionally violating your doctor’s recommendations regarding when, how and how much medication you take, that could also lead to drug charges under Georgia law. 

Recognizing that even prescription drugs can lead to serious drug charges can help you make better decisions with your medication.