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Peachtree City police report surge in drug offenses and arrests

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

A Peachtree City Police Department recently spoke with news sources about a dramatic spike in local drug offenses. The latest statistics show more than a 700% increase in drug-related crimes occurring over the last three years.

The police in Peachtree City also say they know that other departments in the metro Atlanta area are experiencing similar surges. As you might expect, local police departments are making many more arrests to combat this reported spike.

Why are these offenses increasing?

The law enforcement representative said they could not identify a “single determinative factor” for the rise in drug crimes. He also stated that incidences of driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol have increased.

Some of the possible reasons he cited for these increases include:

  • Easy access to and availability of drugs
  • An overall increase in drug abuse
  • Use of drugs (and alcohol) to cope with financial hardships

More efforts by members of the police department to track down offenders may also play a role in the recent surge of arrests. For example, if law enforcement officers notice a rise in drug charges and DUIs, they will likely increase their efforts to detect and arrest offenders.

Backed by research

A report published on the ScienceDirect website supports the concept that drug abuse rises when the economy declines. The report also indicates that the psychological distress of unemployment leads to an increase in drug abuse.

Law enforcement and prosecutors serving in our state take a harsh approach to drug charges and DUIs. If you are facing either of these charges, consider learning more about Georgia drug offense laws.