Don’t trust your fate to just any attorney. Credentials are important, experience is important. Going with a firm that has top credentials and experience only strengthens your chances in the courtroom.

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Our core values come from our experience. We believe that the more attorneys working on your case produces a better outcome. Just like the prosecutors, we work as a team on your case which gives you the same advantage the prosecution wants over you.

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Yes, you can hire any attorney. Isn’t it better to hire an attorney who knows both sides of the law. Just like any situation, if you understand both sides of a problem you can mount a better defense.

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Michael Barber is the best lawyer in Atlanta
My husband and I needed to get lawyer in Atlanta GA, far from place we live in which is California. Only choice we had is to look on line and hope you are getting someone who’ll be helpful to you…
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5 stars, because 6 wasn’t an option.
Mr. Barber was a pleasure to work with. He handled my case in exactly the manner I had hoped an attorney would. As I said, I gave him five stars because there wasn’t an option to give six.
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Best in the business.
Mr. Barber went above and beyond in my case. I hired him over the phone with only two weeks until my trial date. He worked tirelessly on my case to prepare and always keep me updated. If I would not have hired him, I would not have been able to get my charge reduced…
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In over my head and I need an Advocate
After a perfect storm of a situation, before and after officers showed up, I ended up charged with DUI. A few days later I left a message with Mr. Barber’s office and he promptly…
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While you can hire any attorney, wouldn’t you rather hire an attorney who knows both sides of prosecution and defense?

Our attorneys are former prosecutors. This means that we know how the other side is thinking about your case. This enables us to better prepare and mount a proper defense for YOU. So, while you can hire any attorney, wouldn’t you rather hire one who knows both sides of prosecution and defense? Wouldn’t you rather hire an attorney who has handled cases in both criminal and civil courts? Our attorneys have experience in multiple areas of Georgia Law. This experience helps us to provide the best comprehensive legal representation for YOUR litigation needs.

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A Child Returned to Mother From a Out of State Father

Fairly important in our legal system is that for a father to have any rights to a child, they have to either be legitimated or…

DUI Reduced to Reckless Driving

Client was charged with DUI in Walton County Georgia. After reviewing the discovery on the case, including the video, we were able to determine that…

Marijuana Possession with Intent Reduced to Misdemeanor Charge

Client faced a second Possession with Intent charge for Marijuana (VGCSA) in Fulton County. We were able to find issues with the case and were…

DUI Reduced to Reckless Driving

Client was charged with DUI in Gwinnett County, Georgia. The officer did not read implied consent correctly nor perform other actions which would have allowed…



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