DUI (Driving Under the Influence) (O.C.G.A. § 40-6-391)

Have you been charged with Driving Under the Influence in Lake City, GA and need a lawyer? Did the officer charge you with a DUI under Alcohol, Drugs, Prescription medication, marijuana, Violation of Controlled Substances Act (V.G.C.S.A.)?

You need the assistance of a DUI law firm that is not only familiar with Lake City Municipal Court, but is also well known in the Lake City Municipal Court system.

The law offices of Michael D. Barber & Associates has extensive experience defending clients from DUI charges in the City of Lake City. Our office is well versed in defending and navigating the 30-day suspension letter, the Office of State Administrative Hearings, The Lake City Municipal Court and many other areas within representation for a Driving Under the Influence charge.

  • A DUI charge is one of the most heavily used and frequently received charges in the City of Lake City.
  • Many people receive this charge who have never been in trouble.
  • This charge is also the most inadequately represented charge in criminal law for clients.
  • A criminal defense attorney MUST have proper training to assure that the client receives the representation for which they are not only looking but for which they are paying. That is why you need to find a criminal defense lawyer who has the proper training to help you.

If handled improperly, this charge can affect your license, your criminal history, time spent in jail, community representation and many other issues with your life.

Our DUI lawyers have the experience & training to fight for YOU

The most typical and frequently used portion for this charge is alcohol. Officer’s should have extensive training to properly investigate an alcohol charge. YOUR attorney should have the same training as the officers (or more) to properly represent you.

This training assures proper representation for you and is another reason that YOU need an experienced DUI lawyer. Without an experienced lawyer, YOU will not be able to properly defend against a Lake City officer who has not had the proper training and made errors in evaluating your DUI charge.

Officers should have training under Standardized Field Sobriety Testing (SFST), or Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (ARIDE) or Drug Recognition Expert (DRE). These three different levels of training are provided to officers by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration that any investigation into DUI is done properly and assures that citizens are properly arrested. Prior to the involvement of the tests crafted by the NHTSA, officers would have you recite the alphabet backwards, pick up coins off the floor and do many other tasks that were “unregulated” and not enforceable.

Whenever someone is arrested for DUI, the officer is required by law to arrest them and retain their driver’s license. The officer then issues a DDS 1205 form. This form is the officer’s notice to you of the officer’s intention to suspend YOUR privileges to operate a motor vehicle. You must write a 30-day response letter to stop the suspension.

  • Arrests for a DUI charge in Lake City are made by either the Lake City Police Department, Clayton County Sheriff or a special division in the Georgia State Patrol called the Nighthawks. These charges are heard at the Lake City Municipal Court.
  • The Lake City Municipal Court is located at 5455 Jonesboro Road in the city of Lake City.
  • The charges would be heard in the main courtroom in Lake City Municipal Courthouse.
  • The judges who would hear that charge are C. Keith Wood and David O. Harris. All charges are prosecuted by the Lake City Solicitor Jerry Patrick.

Can my lawyer give a defense to these DUI charges? 

You need the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney to help you with these charges for Driving Under the Influence. Many people don’t realize that these charges can affect the rest of their life. The charge would be a part of your criminal history when you apply to rent a house, a home loan, and even promotions at work, not to mention applying for a new job.

This charge will follow you for the rest of your life and cause issues every time it “pops up.”

  • An experienced criminal defense lawyer can help you with this charge both in how the court treats you and how it effects your future.
  • As former prosecutors, our criminal defense attorneys know and understand that the prosecution, or in almost every case – team of prosecutors, are highly skilled and trained to get a conviction on your case.
  • That means it’s time to hire an experienced DUI defense attorney who knows how to evaluate both sides of the case.
  • Our team of criminal defense lawyers are former prosecutors and know how to mount a proper defense for your DUI charge.

For a FREE consultation and evaluation of your DUI charges call our firm. Our lawyers have the knowledge and skills for your defense.

Just because you have been charged with a DUI does not mean that you have to accept guilt. It means you need to hire an experienced attorney to mount a proper defense for your DUI charges.

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