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Once all custody matters have been decided, child support is likely going to be a significant issue in your case – regardless of whether you will be receiving support or be asked to pay it. Although much of the process for determining award amounts is formulaic, it is still important to work with an experienced attorney like those at Michael D. Barber & Associates, P.C., in Atlanta.

We will advocate for you and your children throughout the process to seek a child support order that meets the needs of the children and is fair/sustainable for both parents.

How Is Child Support Calculated?

There is generally a formula and/or spreadsheet that is used to calculate child support. Typically, calculations are based upon three main factors: the parents’ income, the percent of time each party has the children and the number of children involved.

We cannot change these formulas, but we can ensure that the information is an accurate reflection of financial needs and abilities. Sometimes baseline numbers don’t tell the whole story. We will make sure that all relevant context is included in the calculation.

What If You Can’t Afford To Pay Child Support?

The inability to pay child support does not necessarily mean that you are intentionally violating your order for child support. Sometimes, the inability is referred to as financial hardship. Unfortunately, not paying child support can also result in a suspension of driving privileges in addition to dealing with the court system and possibly the Georgia Division of Family & Children Services.

You may have numerous reasons for your financial hardship, but they may not entitle you to reduce your child support obligations. For instance, a simple loss of income may not be enough to reduce your obligations. In such cases, however, it may be worth seeking a child support modification.

Modifying Child Support Orders

When your original child support obligation is determined, the factors considered are dictated by statute. But circumstances can easily change over time. When they change significantly, you may need to petition the court to modify the child support order.

Petitions can be based on substantial changes in the financial needs of a child/children or the income and earning capacity of either parent. Some amount of fluctuation is to be expected, so courts will generally not consider a petition unless it is deemed large enough to warrant revisiting the order.

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