How does the calculation for child support work?

Child support is something that obviously comes up when children are involved in a divorce. The calculations for child support depend on various items that must be obtained in order to make the appropriate calculation. It begins with a domestic relations financial affidavit (DRFA). This document is a affidavit that is sworn to for the individual to certify that the numbers given represent their financial situation.

A good attorney will always request discovery to supplement the DRFA given by the other side. Discovery will usually, or at least, entail W2 information, paycheck stubs (for verification of the W2) and other documents which would include any savings, checking, 401K and other investments or retirement information.

As with any legal issue avoiding or ignoring the paperwork will not get you out of the situation or make it go away. If you are served with a discovery request and ignore it or don’t answer it, the other side can ask for a motion to compel; and it can only get worse for you from there.

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