Why are events a planning opportunity for DUI arrests?

With everything that has happened in 2022 and the recent restrictions almost completely easing up, drivers need to be even more cautious while celebrating. During, and especially after, the Georgia Florida game, there was a rise in DUI arrests in Georgia. Once the game was over, the University of Georgia was victorious and there were many after-parties with people celebrating the victory for Dawg Nation.

Law enforcement looks for opportunities to arrest people for DUI. Sometimes, they call it “clearing the road for the night.” However, your team being victorious isn’t stopping any of the DUI task force officers from making arrests for a DUI in the Atlanta area.

You don’t even have to celebrate with UGA, your celebration could be a win for any team at any party. With everything that is going on it may be difficult to remember to keep track of your drinks or even worry about it. However, these officers on the road are still out looking for DUI drivers, especially on victory weekends.

One example that made the news in a hurry was the arrest of 20 drivers on one night. This happened last weekend and although it was Camden County, this happened in many locations last weekend.

DUI checkpoints in the Atlanta area

All police use some of the various available charges to stop a vehicle, and both Speeding and Failure to Maintain Lane are “violations” that will typically lead to a DUI investigation.

The scenario is…

  • Usually you are driving, see blue lights and the officer details out the reason for stopping you, or pulling you over, is that he “saw your wheels cross over the line of your lane” or the more famous question from the officer, “Do you know how fast you were going?” (Like we are going to confess, “sure officer I was speeding!”)
  • These two charges of Failure to Maintain Lane and Speeding are found in a high percentage of the stops for DUI arrests in Georgia and many times they are found together.
  • Couple this with an inability to remember the actual number of drinks you had and you are in the middle of a perfect storm for the officer investigating the DUI stop.
  • Another stopping opportunity that officers use is referred to as a Roadblock Stop.

It doesn’t matter where you find yourself in Georgia, almost all of the police forces use this common charge to begin a DUI investigation including the cities of: Johns Creek, Alpharetta, Milton, DeKalb County, Decatur, Atlanta, Gwinnett County and the list goes on. This “tool” allows the police to stop a vehicle for any “legal” reason and their investigation can lead to a DUI if they suspect the driver has been drinking or using drugs.

As a result of the Governor’s office of Highway Safety teaming up with various organizations, including the HEAT and TEAM division of local counties, the cops are cracking down on impaired driving.

Hire a DUI attorney to fight for you

If you have been accused by the police of driving under the influence then you need help from a trained DUI attorney. Should YOU find that you either don’t want to face the court alone or simply feel that you need help from an attorney, then give our office a call regarding your citations.

There are facts to every case where defenses can be raised for anyone charged with driving under the influence. Each situation is different from the other and requires an evaluation of all the information in order to properly mount a defense and an effective negotiation with the prosecutor’s office.

Remember that every DUI case is different because no two sets of facts are the same. Application of the above case law to your situation would take examination of the facts surrounding your case and applying this case law properly to create a properly mounted defense for YOUR arrest.

Our office has 24-hour response phone lines and can answer your questions and help you. Give our team of DUI defense lawyers in Atlanta a call at 404-445-8494. We can help you mount a proper defense for your situation.

Michael D Barber
Georgia Lawyer specializing in DUI, Drug Charges & Criminal Defense