Why warrants matter: The Icebox Robbery

Various agencies for the government raided a home and house in relation to warrants taken out for robberies at the famous Icebox Jewelry store in Buckhead. (Patch, AJC, reporter news).

The agencies were composed of a joint task force between the Atlanta Police and Cobb county. They raided several homes based on I ongoing investigation into thefts in and around the Jewelry Store.

The individuals involved were charged with Burglary, Theft, Violation of Georgia Controlled Substances Act, Possession of __________, Home Invasion all felony charges.

Warrants are a dangerous issue with any investigation because if they are not done or performed properly, then the entire case that is being built can be deconstructed and possibly dismissed. Warrants are sworn out before a judge to show that the officer believes he has enough evidence and the judge should grant an order granting the police the ability to search an area for illegal items or wanted people.

If you have been accused by the police for Burglary, Home Invasion, Theft, Violation of Georgia Controlled Substances Act, served a warrant resulting in an arrest, or other criminal charges then you need help from a trained attorney. Should YOU find that you either don’t want to face the court alone or simply feel that you need help from an attorney then give our office a call regarding your charges. There are facts to every case where defenses can be raised for anyone charged with driving under the influence. Each situation is different from the other and requires a evaluation of all the information in order to properly mount a defense and a effective fight or negotiation with the prosecutor’s office.

Remember that every case is different because no two sets of facts are the same. Proper application of not just the law but also case law to your situation would take examination of the facts surrounding your case and creating a properly mounted defense for YOUR arrest.

Our office has 24 hour response lines and can answer your questions and help you. Give our team of lawyers a call at 404-445-8494. We can help you mount a proper defense for your situation.

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