How a missing property dispute ended with Armed Robbery and Murder 

Due to recent events surrounding missing property the DeKalb police had been on the lookout for an Armed robbery and Murder suspect. According to FOX 5 News, Jeremy Baker confronted the victim and his friend about missing property at their home in Lithonia. According to Fox 5 and the DeKalb Sheriff’s office, when things turned heated Baker took the friends IPhone at gunpoint and then continuing the argument shots were exchanged and one of the victims received fire and died at the hospital. 

Once Mr. Baker left the scene, in addition to potentially facing charges of Armed Robbery, he could face charges involving fleeing and eluding, obstruction, aggravated assault and Murder, to name a few.

Aggravated assault and armed robbery charges

Many people don’t realize that actions have consequences and here in particular the crime of Aggravated Assault. Aggravated battery is defined in O.C.G.A. 16-5-21 and involves, in this case, assaulting another with a weapon which would likely or could cause bodily harm. In this case, aggravated assault would be threatening the use of the weapon, which is what the state will have to prove. Assault and battery alone are serious charges and may be more applicable than the felony charge of aggravated assault which can carry up to 20 years in prison.

Simple Assault

 The offense of Simple Assault is defined by the statute from O.C.G.A. 16-5-20. In part, this statute states that a person commits the offense of simple assault when they intentionally places a person in a position where they are placed in fear of immediate injury by their action. 

Once Baker fled the area, the police will charge him with fleeing and eluding (o.c.g.a. 40-6-395) which could be charged as a felony when combined with other charges. More than likely the officers will also throw in an obstruction charge since once he fled he is interfering with their investigation. 

Murder Charges

Lastly, Baker will face a charge of Murder. There are different ways to be charged with murder and one involves intent (Malice Murder) and the other does not (Felony Murder). Basically someone who causes the death of another person with or without intent commits the offense of murder.

Of course there are facts to every case where defenses can be raised for anyone charged with the crimes of Armed Robbery, Murder, Aggravated Assault, Simple Battery or Battery. Each situation is different from the other and requires a evaluation of all the information in order to properly mount a defense and a effective negotiation with the prosecutors office.

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