Officers with the DeKalb County Police Department reported injuries from a car crash on Interstate 285

The accident involved multiple vehicles.

As a “nation of drivers,” we use our highways all the time and don’t give a second thought to the inherent dangers these “speedways” provide. Due to the speed vehicles coast along on these roadways, the likely hood of injury increases several fold should an accident occur.

Accidents on the highway occur for various reasons some of them recently include distracted driving and driving under the influence.

Injury from being in a car accident can become complicated and difficult and nearly impossible to face on your own. Let our office help you navigate the legal system and assist in your recovery. Insurance companies have their own “legal bench” to pull from and make sure their interests are protected (as well as their driver) which is why you should have a legal team on your side.

At Michael D. Barber & Associates, P.C., our criminal defense lawyer team has assisted the injured in their recoveries and have protected drivers from the “legal team” for the insurance companies. We know it’s overwhelming in addition to feeling drained both physically and emotionally not to mention the devastating consequences you may face from financial problems due to the accident.

Michael D Barber
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